Join a circle of success with GTB

GTB clients come from a wide spectrum of business size, stage of development, and areas of focus. Within the variety most share some key success characteristics…

In return the team at GTB is committed to our clients’ success. Please refer to GTB Terms of Trade to view Our Commitment to You and Your Commitment to Us.

Much of what we do is focused on ensuring your IT works well and is reliable, and also, if you need us for an urgent issue, we are there for you.

Therefore, the more you rely on your IT for your activities, the more likely it is that we will be a good match for you. We have specialist knowledge and experience in supporting ‘professional practices’, medical, dental, accounting, legal, architects, engineers, vets, etc.

We also look after a good number of home based people and also larger organisations with multiple sites/locations. As a community-minded business, we have special rates for seniors and genuine social-profit organisations.

Most GTB clients have a presence between Wellington and Taranaki, and many have significant parts of their operation outside the region and around the world. With remote access we look after our clients across the globe.

To bring you the levels of professionalism and care that you deserve, GTB operates on the ‘TEAM’ philosophy “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

In an IT industry sometimes characterised by arrogance, the team at GTB all appreciate and support the work of their colleagues, and of your team members. And GTB works to ensure communication is prompt, relevant, clear and complete.

IT systems are becoming increasingly complicated and specialist (as well as providing you with great new opportunities to do your business better, faster and at lower cost). No individual technician has the full range of competencies to be able to know and to do all that is needed. Skilled and dedicated GTB technicians together cover and have redundancy in all the core skill areas needed to support your practice/business, and GTB has strong relationships with top flight engineers in additional IT areas to bring you specialist technical “horsepower” as and when needed.

GTB systematically and by design, with our team 100% on-board, delivers this Top 5 every day.

When you’re ready to get the right IT professionals on your team, contact GTB.

Please note – we have to disclose that we are not super-beings!

Use the web-form or phone right now to contact GTB for a no-obligation confidential discussion.

What We Can Do

Here are the top 5 reasons to have GTB supporting your business success.

Technical know-how to deliver what you need done, on time and to the quality and budget you need
Organised and efficient so the right service is delivered at the right time for you
Trustworthy and good to deal with
Full support for your team to be productive and happy
Focused and committed to your business success