Windows 10 end of free upgrade

May 31, 2016

Regarding the upcoming Windows 10 end of free upgrade period in July, we’re advising many of our business clients to not take the free upgrade. Might sound a bit weird given its free and all that, and our recommendation is conditional, but here’s why…

Firstly, we’re Microsoft Silver Partners, and we like very much Windows 10. It is the successor to Windows 7, which was the successor to Windows XP. We have it installed on our home PCs and devices … but … for many small to medium kiwi businesses and organisations, there are risks to taking the Windows 10 end of free upgrade.

If you love playing with technology, and if your system is working well and meeting all your needs, then stop reading here. What follows does not apply to you.

We’re really aiming at business people who are too too busy with their own work or client work to mess with IT, or who don’t have the desire to risk money on technology that does not offer them something tangible.

What we suggest you do instead, is remain on Windows 7 until you buy your next PC or laptop.

  • There is very likely NO practical (that you care about) business need or advantage to upgrading your Win 7 workstations to Win 10 for most average SME business users*
  • Win 7 will be fully supported by Microsoft until 2020, with extended support beyond that. Thus your current workstation will be fine on Win 7 until you need to replace it
  • Most Win 10 upgrades go fine, but a few get messed up and our experience is that these can take many hours to fix
  • Some staff will not welcome the new interface, and this may create some frustration and lost productivity while they adjust

* Sure, Win 10 is a better platform, and its definitely on the pathway to the future, and many people like the interface, but for most of our clients and their teams, it simply doesn’t make any difference to their day to day, unless they are experiencing problems with their current setup.

If you are on XP, then you need a new PC (please get in touch) and if you are Windows 8 – then its your call.

MedTech – MedTech just announced at Engineers seminar that Win10 support for MedTech is nearly here: as of the next major release v22.2 – although no confirmed date yet. While this is great, it doesn’t leave much room before the Windows 10 end of free upgrade period finishes.

So for those of you who like Windows 10, take advantage of the upcoming Windows 10 end of free upgrade period if you like, but be aware there are some risks. For those of you are really couldn’t care less, you just want your people to be working and IT costs and hassles kept to a minimum, then consider what we have said and maybe stay with 7.

If Microsoft are reading this, we know you are trying to get to 1 billion Windows 10 devices, and we wish you well. But please do not send a hit squad around as we’re just telling it how we see it because we care for our clients.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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