We’ve been watching what’s going – so here’s an update on Windows 10, tailored for businesses.

In a nutshell, the landscape seems to be shifting and Windows 10 and the devices coming with it, are making an increasingly big splash.

Microsoft report that since launch in July Windows 10 is now installed on over 110 million devices globally. Our experiences and reports we get from clients and other IT professionals, is that generally the Windows 10 launch has been a success – some people have issues upgrading, but very few. Almost everybody thinks its a huge step forward from Windows 8, and even the diehard Windows 7 users (like us – we kept almost all our clients on 7) see it as better than 7.

But an update on Windows 10 has to cover more than just the Operating System. Because Microsoft have this week announced a flurry of new devices – which we think will find favour with the business market. Almost everyone who has a Surface Pro loves it, and the Surface Pro 4 is on the way (GTB can supply and support Surface Pros). Also out is the new Surface Book which they describe as the “ultimate laptop”.

Also out are new Lumia phones, and while independent reviews I have read are very complimentary, the issues remains a lack of applications relative to Android and iPhone. Two points about this though.

Firstly, if you don’t care about apps and toys because yours is a business device, then the Windows 10 phones have everything you will need, down to Office 365 business grade email, calendaring and apps.

Secondly, while everyone at GTB is either Android or iPhone, we’re finding that many of our IT colleagues are moving to Windows phones, especially Windows 10 of course. In other words, the landscape is shifting.

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