Surface Pro 4

Jan 29, 2016

Most of the business people we know with a Surface Pro pretty much rave about it – which at the end of the day is a testimony to the way this tablet has changed things for people over the last couple of years.

What they seem to most like about it is the combination of power and portability. If a laptop’s power and functions are needed, but actually carrying a laptop is cumbersome. If a tablet’s portability is needed, but a tablet just doesn’t cut the mustard for functionality – then the Surface Pro has filled the gap.

One lady who is an organizer finds it much easier than her previous laptop for going to meetings out and about at various places. It’s lighter and quicker and can do what she needs.

One man who is a director likes that it can do everything and keep up with his busy schedule an constant movements. The Surface Pro has all the connecting ports he needs to plug in a monitor when in the office, or a projector/TV when pitching an idea at someone else’s place.

One young man who is a student and entrepreneur likes that it does everything, and that he can use the pen with it too.

They all think the Surface Pro is pretty cool too and like being seen with it.

With the ability to run a full Windows version and local Office applications for speed, as well as substantial on board storage for rapid access to documents/spreadsheets/presentations/notes even when not connected to the Internet, coupled with a keyboard they can type fast into, decent screen, battery life and ample computing power for working in multiple apps at once, and power hungry apps too such as design – we can see why it’s attractive to them.

And the new Surface Pro 4 takes it all to the next level. Media comment is that the Surface Pro 4 is a game changer.

That’s why GTB is now able to offer the Surface Pro 4 to our clients.

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