Sony’s ‘ears free’ headphones won’t be available for purchase for a while yet, but with the speed with which business headset models go in and out of supply, they’ll probably be here sooner than we realise!

Sony released a prototype pair of headphones called Concept N that work via Bluetooth and wrap around the listeners neck. These headphones won’t even touch your ears, but will have multi-directional speakers that shoot audio directly to your ears. It is designed with sound only heard by the wearer, so most people around the wearer can’t tell what the wearer is listening to. While having these headphones on, it doesn’t cancel out background noise, you can still hear everything going on around you (e.g. car horns or holding a conversation), especially when you are commuting from one place to the other. Click here for a glimpse of the Sony’s ‘ears’ free’ headphones prototype.

PS – the video does not go into much detail, but there are other sources if you care to search for them.

Speaking of headphones; many business people who spend time on the phone use them. But even for people who spend less time, headphones can be a great idea as they free up the hands. Free hands can type, or takes notes and drink coffee at the same time. Priceless.

Yes, of course we supply a full range.