7 reasons why

If any of the following apply to you, you need the right IT Service Agreement from GTB…

  • You never know from month to month how much your IT support will be, and this makes it difficult to budget.You think “surely there’s a better way?”
  • You or your people are spending too much of your own time in discussing or trying to solve computer issues or IT niggles. You’re not sure you want to put a $ value on this time because it’s a bit scary
  • You dread calling your IT support because you know it will cost moneyservice-agreement
  • You can never be sure your IT support will respond promptly.
  • You are responsible for your IT system and its management, but it’s not really what you do best, and you really want someone you can trust to look after it and advise you.
  • You know your IT system could be in better shape, and your people more productive, but you don’t know how much that will be to fix, so you just bear the cost yourself instead
  • You’d like an IT company that is incentivised to keep your system performing, not to bill you hours

If you were nodding as you read any of those, contact GTB now to work out the right Service Agreement to support your success.

Get the level of service that suits you best

As preferred alternatives to the traditional ‘pay as you go’ or ‘break fix’ IT support model, GTB delivers

  • full managed service for a fixed monthly price
  • partial managed services
  • also ‘time bank’ agreements

Get you and your team a 21st century IT solutions and support experience. Our choice is to be the trusted advisors in all things IT for our clients. Welcome to the GTB SureIT range:

Sure IT Full – The peace of mind approach; we take responsibility for keeping your existing system running, well maintained and available to you, and your people supported and productive, in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. This is the ‘peace of mind’ option because we become responsible for ensuring your It system works for your staff. If your IT support ‘blows out’ then that’s our problem, not yours.

Sure IT Remote – Similar to SureIT (Full), but covers less. You pay a fixed monthly fee and we will do all we can to keep your system working by remote means from our workshop. These days most support can be delivered either by us ‘remoting-on’ to your system, or providing email and phone support for you and your team from our Service Desk. If onsite visits need to occur, then you authorise and pay for them.

Sure IT Monitor+ – You pay a small fixed monthly fee and we remotely monitor your system so we can quickly and cost-effectively intervene if we need to. We also conduct routine preventative maintenance to keep your system in good condition and prevent many problems from occurring. The monthly fee covers the monitoring and routine preventative maintenance with any additional work being on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

Sure IT Time Bank – You pre-purchase a set number of Technician’s hours of work for a discounted price, and then draw on them as needed.

Pay As You Go – The traditional, although now dated, model where we respond to your needs when you ask us to.

Think of it this way. With a SureIT Full agreement, we don’t get paid any more if there is a problem, so our incentive is to ensure your system has as few problems as possible.

We’ll work with you to work out which type of support is going to be best for you, and then how to customise it to ensure it f its you, as no two clients are ever the same.

Contact GTB now for a no-obligation confidential discussion.