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Computer misbehaving? We’re constantly sorting out mischievous or sick computers. We can often revive apparently dead ones too.

 If you are a SureIT client on a service agreement,  then this work may be covered by your agreement. However, if you are not then we have standard service packages with fixed fees for common ailments; and if your computer does not fall under one of these, we will charge for the actual time we spend working on your job.

 Please keep in mind that the older your computer is, the less likely that we will be able to cost-effectively help you. We don’t usually do repairs to internal components or circuit boards, and we don’t do soldering – although we may be able to arrange for these to be done for you.

 Yes, we are open to the public.

Onsite, remote and workshop support

We can come to your place and do so regularly for clients anywhere in the Wellington region, up to Palmerston North.  We can also arrange for on-site support around most of NZ through our trusted IT Alliance partners. Location dependent travel fees applies.  Where possible we will do remote support as usually this is most cost-effective for you.

If you are in Kapiti or close by, you may wish to drop your computer in to us, as this will usually be most cost-effective for you.

Laptops & Screen Repairs

Laptops are great, but they can break and commonly the screens and keyboards do.  Whatever the issue, they can often be repaired with new or recycled components, and we can arrange for this to be done for you at less cost than you might think depending upon component availability.   Please ask.


Fixed Fee Services

Business grade services at consumer prices (enquire for price, scope and terms) done at our workshop:

• Investigation – Something, not right?   We will investigate and attempt to determine what is wrong. If we can fix it while we are doing this, then great, otherwise we will give you a verbal report and advise you of your options and where possible, give an indication of likely cost

• Tune Up – Things a bit slow? Get a spring clean for your PC/Mac/laptop to speed it up and reduce annoying glitches. Will not fix underlying hardware of software setup problems

Mac & Linux Support

Our technicians have been supporting Macs and Linux OS for years so if you have something that needs fixing or sorting out, we can very likely do that for you

We don’t supply Apple computers or do Apple hardware repairs.

Virus Removal

If one of your machines has a virus, please turn off your PC (fully power off),  then contact us ASAP.  Viruses can steal your personal information resulting in identity theft, or even simply just damage your PC.  We have been combating viruses, ransom-ware and trojans for many years, we take them seriously as a threat and treat them as such meaning we are thorough in the removal of them.

GTB Installing New And Better Parts To PC Computer

Computer Repair Enquiry

Please fill in your info below, click the “Submit enquiry” button, and we will get back to you soon.

Expertise when you need it

To set up a time to speak to a GTB technician or get a computer service you can:

1)   Call  now on 04-297 1040

2)   Visit our workshop at Unit 4/46 Te Roto Dr

3)   Email [email protected]