Punctuation and Android voice recognition

Oct 25, 2016

GTB uses (and supports) Android voice recognition as well as iPhone voice recognition. Both directors know for sure that our own chosen environment is way better than the other, of course.

I love my Samsung Galaxy Edge S7, and once I got over the shock that it was surprisingly fiddly to start Speech-to-Text first time, I have found its Voice Recognition much improved over previous versions.

Punctuation for Android

Android’s recognition of voice dictation punctuation commands is limited compared to iPhone and iPad, but I find them ample for dictating emails and texts: say this (get this) …

  • “Period” (.)
  • “Comma” (,)
  • “Question mark” (?)
  • “Exclamation” or “exclamation point” (!)
  • “Enter” or “new line” (new paragraph)

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