As perhaps more evidence that Microsoft does care for us (!!), they have announced on 23 Sep the Office 2016 release in NZ, and to the world.

A part of the promise of Office 365 is that apps will be updated and improved, and that the latest versions will be automatically available to subscribers – so we think it’s good to see this happening here.

The Office 2016 release in NZ sees the Office 365 eco-system moving ahead with new products being added, and while not everyone will use everything, the features and choices are mounting up.

Overall – it’s about improving team collaboration. MS Office apps have always been great for my work, or your work, but the gap has been collaborating with others – emailing files, versions, tasks, and the like, argh. The new tools aim to help us work more seamlessly and produce better results. Exciting.

The Trello-like new Planner app looks particularly interesting, as do the updates to OneDrive (which will bring it closer to Dropbox functionality and reliability).

Here’s a link to the announcement as reported on the Computerworld site … click here

And here’s one to useful descriptions of the products on the Microsoft site … click here

GTB Clients – This Office 2016 release in NZ will be automatically applied in Feb 16 by Microsoft for entitled Office 365 customers. However if you wish us to upgrade you earlier, it is a simple process and we can arrange that for you – just get in touch.