Microsoft StaffHub connects deskless workers

Jan 12, 2017

Office 365 continues it’s march forwards with the latest new product launch – StaffHub. Microsoft StaffHub connects deskless workers to their organisations and to each other. They can be scheduled, re-scheduled, communicate, re-communicate, share and re-share (as Microsoft puts it).

Deskless workers are those, unsurprisingly, who do not normally work in front of a screen or who use a shared PC/Mac. They are people like retail workers, service workers, service technicians, hospitality workers, drivers. Unlike people who work behind screens, they have been largely left out of the revolution in workplace connectivity. Sure, they can get company emails, but among younger people especially, who reads those anyway?

Microsoft StaffHub connects deskless workers to their company, by providing a method of communication. Shift workers can be clear about when there shifts are, or if they are being asked to change shifts. They can also ask other workers to swap shifts – and its all visible and recorded. Staff can chat with each other via a chat service.

For the employer, this is handled as an add-on to the Office 365 product suite. Contact GTB for details or have a look here. Managers can setup schedules using a graphical interface, block-out time, etc.These schedules are then pushed to employees via the app.

StaffHub runs as an app (currently) on Android and iOS. It is also available on any browser through a web portal.

Obviously this is Microsoft further cementing the usefulness of the Office 365 suite. It looks to us like a simple and effective tool for people who do not have screens, but who do have smartphones. Now that Microsoft StaffHub connects deskless workers, the door is opening to empowering these workers by bringing them into the connectivity taken for granted by knowledge workers, and with benefits for businesses too.


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