MedTech and more

GTB has many years of setting up and supporting MedTech systems. With specialist MedTech skills, training and the latest Medtech certification we deploy and support MedTech, HealthLink and the wide range of third party add-ons in use in NZ medical practices. Deploying, maintaining and understanding the whole Medical Practice Management environment continues to grow more complex – and we specialise in doing this. Whether your practice chooses to stay with Medtech-32 until 2020, upgrade on-premises to Medtech Evolution, move to the Cloud, move to MyPractice or another NZ-new PMS, or “wait and see”, GTB provides the right service and support to keep your practice IT system up and running smoothly.

Caring professionals

Like you, we don’t guarantee to be perfect, but we aim to come close. Working systematically and with care, to ensure that your practice has a responsive, reliable, “healthy” IT system to help keep your team happy, your patient information safe; Labs, Specialists, PHOs, DHBs, Insurance Companies, MSD/WINZ, Best Practice, CarePad, NIR, MoH, etc connected and up-to-date; and equipment such as ECGs, Spirometers, Vaccine Fridges, Digital Dictation, Card Swipes, all up and communicating correctly. For healthy IT systems contact GTB now. Enjoy a no obligation, no cost, confidential discussion.