Help Desk

If you or your team have a challenge that is affecting your ability to work

…then it needs to be fixed, and fixed quickly.Help-please

GTB has invested in world-class ticketing and workflow software, and we use this system to back up our team of friendly, focused, plain-speaking and competent technicians. Coupled with integrated Remote Monitoring and Management software with advanced diagnostic tools, we provide a seamless Help Desk service to ensure your support needs are received, tracked and actioned, and you are kept informed throughout.

To speak with us about getting a Help Desk service for your team, contact GTB now.

In your interests, our work is prioritised. For urgent issues we always have a qualified and experienced Tech available and resolved, whenever possible, immediately. Other issues and requests are handled efficiently. We routinely ask for feedback from our clients, and the advice we get is that they like that we are so responsive to their needs. We intend to keep things this way.

bigstock-Keyboard-With-Green-Key-HelpWe have a Service Coordinator and a Duty Technician available throughout the working day – we are deliberately flexible so we can be responsive to your requests. Having said that, its impossible to be responsive to every request immediately at all times, and for this we have a prioritisation system in place to make sure that the things that are most urgent do get prompt attention.

Help Desk comes as an integral part of several of our Service Agreements, and is also available on a pay per use basis to all clients.

To find out more, contact GTB now.