Hardware And Devices…

Reliable, cost-effective business grade

To enquire right now about the PCs, notebooks, tablets and printers that will best suit you,  contact GTB now.

GTB equipment provides high quality equipment at good prices, and provide excellent service setting up so you/your team are quickly productive with the new equipment.

The reality is that there are dozens and dozens of brands, models and options out there to select from, and our role is to find what will work best and make the choices simple.

GTB supplies business grade computer equipment because for a modest extra cost it performs better and lasts longer than the generally lower grade consumer-grade equipment you may buy online or at an electronics retailer.

We don’t hold stock, ordering only for your needs, which means we have lower overheads and are able to pass very competitive prices onto you because of it. We also don’t have old stock we need to move, and in an industry where standards generally go up and prices go down, we can deliver what is currently best for you.

Do I have to wait?

To get new desktop or mobile devices ordered, setup, installed to your premises and in use, is typically 4-6 working days from your order confirmation.

Servers and networks up and running typically within 20 business days from order confirmation.

New PC Fixed Price Services

Removing the uncertainty and risk of cost blow-out, GTB provides fixed price services to set up new PCs, notebooks, tablets & smartphones.

  • Start Right : Your new computer properly prepared for use, with your software installed and updated. Business class computer setup service
  • Data Transfer : All the data you require, transferred from your old computer, and tested
  • Onsite Install : Your new computer connected to your network, the internet and network folders or printers
  • Super Combo : Start Right + Data Transfer + Onsite Install at an attractive bundle price.

Note – you don’t have to buy your computer from us to take advantage of these fixed rate services.

Contact GTB now to get the right gear well set up for your needs.