Evernote Certified Consultant

Aug 27, 2016

GTB now has an Evernote Certified Consultant in the form of Mark Ternent. Mark says “Evernote can be used to run many aspects of the typical small to medium enterprise, intuitively and powerfully.” There are currently only 3 ECCs in NZ, and Mark is the only one in the Wellington region.

Evernote Links…

Evernote Basic – FREE – Discover a new way to stay organized. Save notes, tasks, ideas, inspiration, images, or anything you find online. We’ll sync it all between your phone and computer, automatically.

Evernote Plus – Keep all your projects together and access them across all of your devices with Evernote Plus. You’ll have more room for your notes, synced wherever you go, and accessible even when you’re offline.

Evernote Premium – Organize your work and declutter your life across all your devices. Write, collect, annotate, and present all in one place. Discover connections and tame information overload to be your most productive.

Evernote Business – The individual power of Evernote Premium, plus added team and admin features to get more done.

Many people hear about Evernote, so they download it and give it a go. We at GTB come across a lot of people who use it and think its great. This was pretty much where Mark was at when he decided to do the Evernote Certified Consultant course and exam. “Having used it over several years for all sorts of notes, clippings, ideas, and easy document scanning for my phone; I became intrigued about how it could really add value for business people. More than just a few poorly organised notes and document scans here and there!”

The Evernote Certified Consultant course helped him to understand better. “I had heard about businesses running themselves in Evernote, and the Evernote Certified Consultant course helped me to see how. Being around people from all over the world who were passionate about Evernote and talented in its use was a steep learning curve.” In fact, the learning curve was much steeper than expected, as there was quite a bit of work needed to pass the Evernote Certified Consultant course.

We’ll write more blog articles on Evernote in the future. But for now – here are a few comments and ideas…

It’s intuitive and easy to get going. This is very important whether you use it on your own, or plan to extend it to your colleagues or even your entire business. In these days of change, things need to be intuitive and Evernote fits that bill.

It’s easy to format and share information. It’s also easy to organise and file it control who has access to it, and what access they have. The Notebook structure allows individual notes to be organised and structured and makes them visually and intuitively more accessible. So you can use it as your procedures manual or for company reference documents. It can also be used for projects or jobs. Compared to using many document files, it’s simple and fast to maintain, and easy for users to get to the right information.

It’s easy to clip and gather resources. Evernote has a web clipper app which works really well. It means you can save web pages and images for later reference. The bookmarks function in web browsers rapidly becomes difficult to administer if you want to bookmark a decent number of sites, whereas Evernote is easier to organise. The Tags feature in particular means it is easy to track and recall just what you want at the click of a button.

The Tags function also suits tracking information which changes, which means Evernote can be used for processes. For example; you are on a trip, you get receipts for expenses, you quickly scan them and give them a Tag . The Tag alerts your accounts department who can process your expense immediately. Once they’ve processed it, they give it a new Tag which marks it as completed and filed for future reference. Job done. No bunches of paper to retain and hand it, and easier and quicker for everyone.

GTB’s mission is to bring the best of ICT to our clients to enable their businesses, and then to be there when you need us. We feel that having an Evernote Certified Consultant on the team is a great step forward. Ask us how you can use Evernote to power-up your business.

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