Elevators that go both ways

Jun 20, 2016

As cities get more and more crowded and buildings get bigger and bigger – how to move all the people becomes more of a challenge. Could these elevators that go both ways be the answer?

In London, a recent debate about the growing demand on the city’s underground system came up with the solution of “Willy Wonka” elevators. These elevators can go sideways as well as up and down. This allows more people to be moved directly to where they need to be, and could be a key part of easing the pressure.

MULTI was developed initially for tall buildings, to double elevator shaft capacity, reduce elevator footprint and also offer vertical & horizontal movement. Could they develop into a prime solution for the challenges faced by metro stations and other transport hubs?

MULTI is currently being installed at the company’s test tower and is expected to be ready for initial testing in 2017. Click here for a 2 minute 35 second video to see how the elevators that go both ways will work to transport people from their office buildings to metro stations.

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