If you are in the situation where disaster has struck and your digital device no longer gives you access to your valuable data, then you need to know that Data Recovery technology has improved significantly over recent years and the chances of you being able to get your data back are high.

Most digital media; USB drives, Solid State Drives, Hard Disk Drives, etc, can have some or all of their data recovered either by local IT support or by specialist data recovery means.

The first option is always for your trusted local IT support to have a look. They will perform an analysis on the device and in most situations be able to do a data recovery for a relatively low fee.

But if it is really dead and beyond them, then specialist Data Recovery may be worth the cost. Except for a small fee to cover courier and admin costs you can expect not to have to pay to have your device analysed by data recovery specialists. They will then advise whether the data on your device is likely to be recoverable, and the cost. Often the cost of doing a specialist data recovery of a hard drive would be in the vicinity of $500 to $600. If your data is valuable to you, this may hurt, but nevertheless be an expense you need to accept.

GTB offers a full Data Recovery service as described above. Give us a call or drop us an email to [email protected]

The question you also need to ask – in this day and age, how did you get into a situation where your data was not adequately backed up and available for easy recovery? There are a number of strategies to achieve this, and we’d be happy to talk you through them.