Move safely to the Cloud

The IT landscape is shifting and the number of businesses moving applications, communication and data to the web is substantial and growing.

There are real risks and costs to consider.
GTB can help to guide you through the pros and cons of how best to use the Cloud in your situation, and then setup and support what you need.

Get in touch and we can discuss how. We routinely help people to move all or some of their business to the Cloud and have in our tool bag several solutions which we recommend and are expert at, including notably:network-197303_640

Office 365– Moves your Exchange server online, simplifying your own hardware setup and enabling easy and seamless access and data sharing across multiple devices and team members. If an Exchange Server was beyond your budget previously, then it brings this level of functionality within your reach now.

Dropbox for Business – Setup properly, can add significant value to the operations of many businesses, and potentially save you in hardware and support costs, whilst improving access to documents.

Applications – new industry/function specific applications based in the Cloud are appearing all the time and can be valuable to your business. Likewise, many established business applications are being migrated to the Cloud. GTB can advise you on this, and help you create an IT environment that ensures you can take advantage of them.

Check out our pages dealing with IT for new business, driving growth, Servers & Virtualisation and Mobility.

Here are some key points to consider regarding the Cloud solutions and your business:

SaaS – Short for ‘Software as a Service’, with this model rather than paying for the software when you first ‘buy’ it, instead your ‘rent’ the software on a month by month basis. One the one hand this means you pay a generally affordable monthly fee which is expensed in your accounts and you may also save by not having to have the application living locally on expensive hardware you own. On the other hand these monthly fees can add up to something quite significant over time.

Internet – If you rely on the Cloud, then you absolutely need to have a reliable and quality Internet connection. We’d recommend paying for Internet connections from 2 providers where this is particularly critical. Generally, if you can’t get the Internet, then you can’t perform your business. If your Internet is slow, then your business will be slow.

Data – If you are with a cloud provider, do you know where your data is? Do you know how secure it is? Do you care? There are a variety of different possibilities here, as an example – the company you are buying your services from goes out of business, or is investigated by a non-NZ government agency, and you simply lose access to your critical data.

Lock-in – While any software can become critical to your business, just keep in mind that the same is true with Cloud based software – it can become quite an issue if you wish to change, or stop paying them.

Features & Usability – New software becoming available is frequently designed with ease of use access to powerful features in mind – and online software providers are a leading part of this innovation.

The Cloud is here to stay, and GTB can help you bring its advantages to your business.

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