Macular degeneration is a condition that affects more Kiwi’s than we might think. Here’s a current story about the implantation of a bionic eye for macular degeneration that has given a US man his sight back.

A patient in the US suffered through a fungal infection causing his vision to blur and after laser surgery to reverse his vision, he damaged his eye even more, leaving him legally blind. After 40 years of limited vision, he can see again, thanks to a miniature Galilean telescope containing wide-angle micro-optical lenses. It is implanted into the eyeball, replacing the lens and works with the cornea. The telescope can enlarge images to approximately 2.2 to 2.7 times their average size. The magnification allows images to project onto the healthy parts of the retina, bypassing the damaged blind spot, restoring the patient’s vision and improving eyesight.

This implant is designed to help those suffering from age related macular degeneration, which is a common eye disease globally.

If you know anyone affected by macular degeneration, you know what reduced or lost sight can do to a person’s quality of life. A bionic eye for macular degeneration; who’d have thought it! It’s not available yet in New Zealand of course, but it’s something worth watching.

For more information on this bionic eye for macular degeneration, try this link.